4 Fitness goal for your horse


  balance and alignment

Perform two or three of these exercises daily, for at least 5 minutes in each direction. You do not need to drill the exercise repeatedly — just sprinkle them into your workouts to keep your horse’s balance fine-tuned. Think about doing a Poll Stretch, for instance, when you’re at the mounting block ready to get on your horse. Or do a modified version of Pick-up Sticks in a woodsy patch of trees on your way to the arena. 

  •  Spiraling In and Out
  •  Strengthening the Front End
  •   Transitioning Downward 
  • Loops and Poles 
  •  Turn on the Forehand in Motion
  •  Exercise on a Slope 
  •  Double Longe 
  • Lateral Cervical Flexion
  •  Shoulder Release Down and Back 
  •  Shoulder Release Down and Forward 
  •  Shoulder-In to Shallow Serpentine
  •  Counter Canter Loops 
  • Counter Canter Serpentines
  • Striding In, Striding Out
  • Pick-up Sticks
  • Bringing the Hind Legs Forward
  • Cantering on Uneven Terrain 
  • Poll Stretch  

  suppleness and flexibility

Incorporate a couple of these exercises daily, either before or after your workout. Or you can use several of them together to serve as an entire workout. Once you get in the habit of blending these stretches into the daily handling of your horse, it will become second nature. For example, I back my mare up to a hill for eight strides when leading her from the paddock to the barn before I saddle her up. Then before I groom her, I do Shoulder Circles. Then, I brush her and put on the saddle, followed by Tail Rotations. Voilà! We’ve just done our calisthenics and now I don’t need to think about them.

  •  Spiraling In and Out 
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Massage 
  • Waltzing with Your Horse (in hand) 1
  • Rein-Back up a Hill
  • Turn on the Forehand in Motion
  • Tail Rotations
  • Loosening the Back
  •  Warm-up 2 — Simple Trot Pattern
  • Canter on the Honor System
  • Shoulder-In Traveling Out 
  • Shoulder Rotation Stretch 
  •  Rear-Leg Circles
  •  Poll Stretch
  • Hip Stretch
  • Shoulder Circles

 Bladder Meridian Exercise for Tension Release 


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